2010 is the year of the U.S. Census, but not just for humans. For the first time ever, the estimated 38 million mixed breed dogs in the U.S. will also have the chance to stand up and be counted in the inaugural “2010 National Mutt Census” conducted by Mars Veterinary, the creators of Wisdom Panel™ Insights,  the most effective cheek swab canine test available, and Wisdom Panel™ Professional –  the only blood based canine DNA test… available exclusively at your local vet.

The 2010 National Mutt Census aims to reveal valuable data about man’s best friend. It will examine the breed makeup of the American Mutt and determine a variety of insights into our love-affair with mix-breed dogs, including which breeds are most popular, most unusual, feeding habits and role within the family structure.

Uncovering these insights will speak volumes about the health and behaviors that apply to the most common breeds. It will help dog-owners become better pet parents, creating a closer bond. And dog-lovers will understand the four legged population around them that much better.

At Mars Veterinary, we believe the part-Terriers and part-Poodles of the world deserve to have their numbers known.

They deserve to be counted, so please register your mutt today.